Amazon plans a constellation of satellites to spread the Internet to Earth

by bold-lichterman

The American e-commerce giant Amazon confirmed Thursday the internal development of a project to deploy a satellite network to provide high-speed Internet service in regions of the world where connections are poor or non-existent. The Kuiper project was first mentioned by the technology site GeekWire, referring to documents filed with US regulators in which the multibillion-dollar project is detailed.

The Kuiper Project is a new initiative to launch a low Earth orbit constellation of satellites that will provide low latency, high speed connections to underserved and unserved communities around the world ”Amazon told AFP. ” This is a long-term project that plans to serve tens of millions of people who do not have basic high-speed Internet access ”, added the group. According to GeekWire, the filed documents describe a plan to put 3,236 satellites into low orbit at altitudes ranging from 590 to 630 kilometers.

The international convention establishes the space border 100 kilometers from the earth’s surface, at the ” Karman line “. The group, headquartered in Seattle, in the northwest of the United States, was looking to partner with other companies with the same goal in this area. But there is no indication at this point that Project Kuiper also involves space company Blue Origin, owned by Amazon CEO-founder Jeff Bezos, which this year completed the tenth test flight of its new New Shepard rocket. Additional tests are scheduled, but the first manned flights could start by the end of 2019.