Amazon + Lydd Box + Lengow = INSIDERS

by bold-lichterman

  • Amazon is launching a streaming music service to compete with Spotify and Apple Music.
  • Lydd Box, the box to put an end to administrative phobia.
  • Lengow opens an office in Germany.
  • “Digital Tract”, the digital advertising flyer from Facebook and SoLocal Group.
  • Today’s figure: 1.94 bookings per traveler on average on Airbnb.
  • The image of the day: how do sports brands appropriate digital tools?
  • Video of the day: Tribe is launching a second version of its video messaging app.
  • The nominations of the day: TVYT, Umanis…
  • Online workshop: Why is training the best answer to the major challenges of the digital transition?
    October 25 at 11 a.m., with 360 Learning.

amazon-musicTo play in the same court as Spotify (40 million paying subscribers) and Apple Music (17 million paying subscribers), Amazon has just launched a new streaming music service. Baptized Amazon Music Unlimited, it offers users of the American marketplace to stream a catalog of tens of millions of songs and thousands of playlists. Previously, Amazon already offered music online, but the e-commerce giant’s previous catalog contained only 2 million songs.

Amazon’s new music streaming offering will be available for $ 7.99 per month, or $ 79 per year, to members of Amazon Prime, the premium version of the marketplace. As for music enthusiasts who are not Amazon customers, they will have to shell out $ 9.99 per month.

Jeff Bezos’ marketplace also wants to promote Amazon Music Unlimited to its customers in possession of Echo, Amazon’s smart speaker. They will be able to take advantage of this service for $ 3.99 per month. For now, Amazon Music Unlimited is available in the United States and will launch in Great Britain, Germany and Austria by the end of the year.

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Free yourself from your administrative work! Dorothée Courteuge launched in September 2016 LYDD BOX, a consulting box dorothee-courteugeadministration to help business creators. Already in 2014, she created Lydd Consulting, an administrative consulting company for entrepreneurs. With this box, she addresses 4 different points in 4 hours: first the creation project that entrepreneurs want to set up. The second talks about the best way to start a business and the pitfalls to avoid. The third deals with the implementation of administrative procedures adapted to the liberal professions. Finally, training on the daily management of a business is also part of the offer. A copy was even given to Thomas Thévenoud!

Alongside the box, with Lydd Consulting Dorothée Courteuge offers to help SMEs-VSEs in their administrative tasks in two forms: the outsourcing of their administrative task or individual and personalized training within their premises. Enough to free up time for administration phobias. Today, they spend an average of 30% of their time processing their papers. A solution that finally allows them to get rid of it!

Jim knopfThe Nantes start-up Lengow, which markets software for optimizing e-merchant catalogs, sets up in Germany with the opening of an office in Munich.

This is part of Lengow’s international deployment. “The German market is very attractive for Lengow and with its 50 million e-shoppers represents a great opportunity“, Explain Mickaël Froger, founder and CEO of Lengow. The German team of the Nantes start-up will be led by Jim knopf (opposite), from Affilinet. To date, Lengow has 3,600 customers in 45 countries.

Closeup of woman's hands inserting letter in mailboxSoLocal Group, specialist in local digital communication, and Read also:

Nike leads the sport brands that have best embraced digital, followed by Lacoste and then Quicksilver, according to the Digital Customer Experience and Sport Barometer produced by Uptilab and Wavestone. They have evaluated more than 52 websites of major players in sport (clubs, distributors, equipment manufacturers) to assess the way in which they have adopted digital tools.

First observation, 90% of the sites analyzed present the brand’s news, 73% offer an outlet / promotion section, and 35% a dedicated loyalty program. Another lesson is that nearly half of the brands studied offer their customers to personalize their products, which is almost 10 points more than in luxury. Finally, a third of the sites studied offer express delivery.


** Methodology: analysis carried out on the basis of 52 sites, audited on more than 70 different criteria.

Tribe, the video messaging app co-founded by Cyril Paglino, presents the second version of its application on Product Hunt.

Among the new features offered, voice recognition, which allows you to tag celebrities or movies in a video. Other possibilities offered by Tribe 2.0, the possibility of linking appointments offered orally by his contacts to his diary, or even that of looking for a product directly on an e-commerce site.

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Pauline Boisseau is appointed Sales Director at TVYT

Pauline BoisseauPauline Boisseau joined TVYT as sales manager for France.

Previously, she already worked within the Marie-Claire, Bauer or Perform group, which allowed her to acquire 10 years of experience in advertising sales.

Sandrine Cortes becomes Human Resources Director of Umanis

Sandrine CortesUmanis, a French company specializing in data and digital solutions, focuses on the services of Sandrine Cortes. She joined the company as director of human resources. Previously, she worked for Neurones and Groupe Open.

Etienne Manchette becomes responsible for partnerships and content at the BnF

logo_bnf_partenariatsEtienne Cuff joins the Partnerships teams of the National Library of France, as responsible for partnerships and content.

He was previously in charge of partnerships, development and social media at the National Audiovisual Institute, which he joined in 2007. Etienne Manchette is a graduate of La Sorbonne.

Olegat Oleg Tscheltzoff, co-founder and CEO of Fotolia.

The Internet of Things: an Eldorado? The Internet of services: the near future?

October 13, 2016

ACSEL is launching a new Commission for connected objects and services on the Internet of Things to share the state of the art in France on this very promising subject, but still very abstract today: business models have to be built, the most promising uses are to be tested or invented.

To know more.

[Atelier en ligne] Why is training the best answer to the major challenges of the digital transition?

October 25 at 11 a.m. with 360 Learning

By nature, the company is constantly reinventing itself and all the more so in the digital age. Digital training offers a chance to initiate and accelerate the digital transition. Why, how, what are the issues and how to integrate training into the company’s strategy? This webinar shows how far training is the answer to the major challenges of the digital transition.

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