Amazon guilty of abusive SEO on Google?

by bold-lichterman

The world leader in ecommerce, Amazon would improve its ranking on Google to the detriment of VSEs / SMEs marketing their products on its marketplace and using its “Pro Merchant Program” service. This is what the online newspaper The Daily Dot revealed last week, accusing Amazon of deliberately leaving on its site the pages of companies that have used “Pro Merchant Program” to promote their offers on the marketplace, but having it. since abandoned.

Because of the power of Amazon’s SEO, pages featuring merchant offers appear in the first search results, to the detriment of their own merchant sites. The use of “black hat SEO” or abusive referencing according to The Daily Dot would allow Amazon to capture the potential audience of the companies in question.

These practices are precisely the subject ofa real war on the part of Google, which does not hesitate to suspend the sites incriminated from its results … From there to relaunch the tensions between Google and Amazon, there is only one Business Insider note, which however tempers the term of “black hat SEO” used: the fact of not removing the “windows” of companies affiliated to the “Pro Merchant Program” does not constitute, within the meaning of Google’s rules, an abusive referencing technique like spamdexing and using link selling platforms.

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