Amazon files patent to ship packages before they order

by bold-lichterman

Seattle giant filed for “early delivery” patent

With its millions of customers and packages sent every day, Amazon collects a significant amount of data. The American e-commerce giant wants to use this mass of information to deliver ever faster, in particular by sending packages even before they have been ordered by customers.

More precisely, it is about a “method and a system for the forwarding of parcels in advance” specifies the summary of the document deposited on the date of December 24, 2013 and for which the names of four “inventors” appear. . Concretely, the system is based on the purchase prediction of each consumer [voir le schéma de présentation dans le brevet, ndlr].

Nothing to do with the famous communication coup made last December with delivery by drone since, this time, a patent has been filed for “early delivery” as has spotted the Wall Street Journal. The firm has also not officially communicated on the subject. Based on a Big data analysis, Amazon would therefore plan to prepare and ship packages upstream of any final decision on the part of the customer.

To avoid mistakes, it could offer products already shipped in visitors’ shopping baskets to encourage consumption. In the worst case, “delivering the package to the customer as a promotional gift can be used as a commercial gesture” states the patent.

amazon-patentDiagram of the “Method and system for anticipatory
package shipping ”in the official document