Amazon, Apple and Google join forces on common standard for home appliances

by bold-lichterman

Amazon, Apple, Google and the Zigbee Alliance Foundation announced their alliance on Wednesday to create a new standard for connected home equipment.

This new standard ” free of rights must increase the compatibility between smart home equipment with security as a priority ”, they stressed.

What is the Zigbee Alliance foundation?

This new working group should unify the wide variety of standards that exist today, such as Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant, Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri.

This project aims to “d” improve the experience of consumers who are currently trying to use this intelligent equipment that is not compatible with each other“, Underlines the press release. ” We believe that this new protocol could be adopted very widely by different systems as well as digital assistants.“.

The Zigbee Alliance foundation, which joins the effort, was created in 2002 by big brands like Samsung, Ikea, Legrand or the distributor Kroger to set up a universal standard for the smart equipment they produce or sell.