Altice + NRJ Global + Anne-Charlotte Tosdu = INSIDERS

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  • Altice will deploy optical fiber over its entire American network.
  • NRJ Global gets its hands on Triber.
  • 39% of French internet users have made a purchase after watching a branded video on social media.
  • Advertising dressing, a practice still reserved for a small number of advertisers.
  • Budgets: Avent Media wins 7 new budgets.
  • The nominations: Alexandra Chiaramonti, Geoffrey Berthon, Anne-Charlotte Tosdu, Philippine Lefèvre, Sébastien Duplan…
  • Online workshop: The 5 DevOps tools to automate and optimize your time-to-market!
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optical fiberAltice USA, the fourth largest cable operator in the United States, will convert its entire network to optical fiber by 2022. The cost of the operation has not been disclosed. Ultimately, all of the operator’s subscribers will thus benefit from a connection of 10 gigabits per second.

For Altice, the stakes are high since the American subsidiary of the Patrick drahi must connect 4.6 million American homes. The migration of ADSL subscribers to optical fiber will begin in 2017 and end in 2022.

Across the Atlantic, Altice finalized last June the acquisition of the American cable operator Cablevision, which has a strong presence on the east coast of the United States. The deal was worth $ 17.7 billion. A few months earlier, Altice had bought Suddenlink, another player in the American market.

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Francois CarlotNRJ Global, the NRJ group’s advertising network, has completed the acquisition of the start-up Triber, which has launched a service for creating mobile applications to centralize social media flows. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. On this occasion, Francois Carlot (opposite), co-founder and CEO of Triber, joins NRJ Global. He will be in charge of the digital development of the group, in close collaboration with Kevin benharrats, president of NRJ Global.

Founded in 2014, Triber has developed a technology for editing innovative mobile applications. The takeover of the start-up is part of the NRJ Group’s development plan in digital. “Our goal is to increase the digital mobile offer for our targets, and in particular millennials, by relying on our radio and TV programs, as well as on the group’s talents.», Explains Kevin Benharrats.

1605464927 792 Altice NRJ Global Anne Charlotte Tosdu INSIDERSInternet users spend an average of 6 hours per week watching videos on social networks, according to the results of the study “The Science of Social Video – Turning Views into Value” produced by Brightcove, an American company specializing in online video hosting. unsurprisingly, YouTube is the most popular network for viewing videos (at 50%). If we look at the types of content popular with Internet users, music comes first (at 56%), followed by User Generated Content (at 53%), and movie trailers (at 52%).

In terms of interactions with brands, American Internet users are the most engaged on social networks (at 85%). In France, 75% of Internet users questioned declared having interacted with brands via social networks. Note that 53% of American Internet users say they have made a purchase after viewing a video of a brand. In France, this proportion drops to 39%.

** Methodology: study carried out on 5,500 Internet users watching videos online, aged 18 and over, and living in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the United States and Australia.

Advertising dressing (practice which consists in integrating display “all around a page and in page backgrounds with the use of banners and advertising buttons” according to Marketing Definitions, editor’s note), now only represents 3.9% of display investments in the third quarter of the year, according to the Digital Advertising Packaging Barometer carried out by Sublime Skinz and Kantar Media.

If the amounts invested are proportionally decreasing, the number of advertisers interested in this type of device is up slightly compared to the same period in 2015. Another observation, the 20 largest advertisers make more than 40% of the investments in clothing recorded over the period.


avent-mediaThe agency specializing in digital marketing Advent Media announces having won 7 new budgets.

The 3 Suisses and Thalys entrust it with their respective traffic acquisition strategies, La Halle in charge of its Facebook Ads purchasing campaigns. The brand Paul chose it to increase the number of visitors to its bakeries thanks to Drive to Store campaigns, Picard entrusts it with its omnichannel marketing strategy, and finally Toyota and Jeep wish to work with it on their next test request campaigns. consumers.

DataBerries strengthens its teams with two new appointmentsAlexandra-Chiaramonti

Alexandra Chiaramonti becomes vice-president sales France of DataBerries, specialized in digital marketing. She will lead the sales team and will be responsible for the development of the start-up. Geoffrey berthon is appointed to the position of vice-president partnerships. As part of his duties, he will be in charge of developing the network of partner publishers.

Ve Interactive appoints Anne-Charlotte Tosdu as Commercial Director

anne-charlotte-tosdu-ve-interactiveAnne-Charlotte Tosdu arrives at the position of commercial director at Ve Interactive, specialized in data analysis. In her new role, she will lead the sales teams and develop the company’s commercial activity. Previously, Anne-Charlotte Tosdu was at Omnicom Media Group as director of the social media division.

The Syntec Energie team is growing with two new arrivals

Philippine LefevrePhilippine Lefèvre and Sébastien Duplan arrive at Syntec Energie as a delegate for institutional relations. Philippine Lefèvre will lead several committees, including the institutional relations committee and the SME committee. Sébastien Duplan will be in charge of the union’s public affairs strategy.

24th edition of the Women in Gold Trophies

On November 29, 2016, at the Hotel de Ville in Paris, the 24th edition of the Women in Gold trophies took place. This year, the event which rewards women who move the lines in their field. This new edition was placed under the sign of innovation.

Laurence Ferrari, master of ceremony, presented a trophy to eleven winners who marked the year 2016

Find the complete list.

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  • Management of MediaReporting software (invoicing, campaign rebooking)

  • Receipt of technical elements / Campaign traffic in the different tools