Altice joins forces with start-up LEIA to market a holographic smartphone

by bold-lichterman

Marketing a smartphone capable of projecting a 3D image above your screen is the ambitious project unveiled through Altice, the parent company of SFR. The cable operator announced its intentions in the mobile telephony sector on the occasion of the announcement of its partnership with LEIA, an American start-up which was created in 2014 within Hewlett Packard Labs before becoming independent. Based in Menlo Park, California, it specializes in the development of holographic display technology for mobile devices.

To offer this futuristic experience to its customers, Altice plans to launch this new kind of device on the European market before the end of 2017. Thus, holographic smartphones will be distributed by Altice subsidiaries, in particular SFR for France and Belgium. and Luxembourg. Portugal will also be able to benefit from the holographic terminal via Portugal Telecom. For their part, Israel and the Dominican Republic will be the only countries outside European borders to distribute the product with holographic technology.

The holographic display still in the experimental stage

While Samsung and Apple, leaders in the smartphone market, have still not announced the imminent arrival of a product equipped with this technology, Altice is one step ahead of the competition. Previously, Chinese manufacturer Takee attempted a holographic display sketch in 2014 with its Estar Takee model.

More recently, in early May, researchers from the Human Media Lab department at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, announced that they had developed a prototype equipped with flexible housing and holographic screen. Named HoloFlex, this terminal allows for example to play Angry Birds with this technology. Thus, the user can bend the side of the screen to pull the elastic band which propels the bird. Best of all, when the bird flies across the screen, the holographic display makes the bird appear in 3D off the screen. In the near future, you might find yourself in the middle of a holographic battle in the subway …

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