Alphabet separates from Makani, its subsidiary dedicated to flying wind turbines

by bold-lichterman

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, will definitely separate from its subsidiary dedicated to the design of small wind turbines flying at the end of a cable, Makani, announced the general manager of this entity on Tuesday. Created in 2006 by kite-surfers curious about the potential of sails to use the energy of the wind, the startup was bought in 2013 by the Internet giant to be integrated into its laboratory dedicated to futuristic projects.

To see if the startup could stand on its own, Alphabet had already decided in 2019 to separate Makani from the rest of its activities. ” Creating a whole new kind of wind power technology involves meeting business and engineering challenges ”Makani CEO Fort Felker commented on Tuesday in a post on the specialist site Medium.

It’s not ” the end for Makani’s technology ”

“Despite solid technical progress, the road to commercialization is longer and riskier than expected, so from today Makani will no longer be part of Alphabet”, he said. ” This does not mean that this is the end of the technology that Makani has developed but it does mean that Makani will no longer be an Alphabet company ”, said the manager.

Makani had already started in 2019 to collaborate with the Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell to test its product off the coast of Norway: a slim wing carrying eight mini-turbines and connected by a cable to a clip, resembling from a distance a kite. Shell is currently exploring solutions to further develop Makani’s technology, Felker said.