Almost stable unemployment rate among computer scientists, but for how long?

by bold-lichterman

In the IT sector, the job market remained almost stable in 2011 compared to 2010. Indeed, according to the Munci (professional association of computer scientists), the unemployment of computer scientists in France recorded a slight drop of 1.5% over one year, going from 32,700 job seekers at the end of 2010, to 32,200 at the end of 2011, or some 500 job seekers. fewer jobs.

Almost stable unemployment rate among computer scientists but for howUnemployment in IT has therefore fallen by half as much as in 2010, where the sector had lost nearly 1,000 job seekers. However the Munci relativizes. Indeed, as small as it is, this drop remains appreciable compared to the macroeconomic figures, where unemployment recorded over the whole of 2011 an increase of nearly 5.6%.

At the same time, if the IT sector is not in a situation of full employment and displays an unemployment rate of 6%, that remains lower than the average unemployment rate observed in France, which is at 9.3%.

Despite encouraging figures which illustrate good resistance to the crisis, the Munci is not very optimistic for 2012. Indeed, the professional association expects an increase in unemployment of computer scientists of between 10% and 30%, within 12 months. to come up.

The Munci explains: “ IT employment remains highly cyclical given the growing share of IT services, which mainly play the role of adjustment variables for large companies to the economic situation, despite the increase in recurring services (outsourcing, etc.). “

Before concluding: ” Faced with this pessimistic forecast, our best wishes for 2012 would of course be that we could be completely wrong!