[Allemagne] NetMediaEurope offers itself ZDNet.de, Silicon.de and CNET.de

by bold-lichterman

NetMedia Europe strengthens in Germany. Indeed, the European publisher of media sites dedicated to new technologies, recently announced the acquisition of the Internet assets of CBS Germany, including the brands and associated sites: ZDNet.de, Silicon.de and CNET.de.

Allemagne NetMediaEurope offers itself ZDNetde Siliconde and CNETde

Combined, all of these sites represent an audience of more than 5M monthly readers, and nearly 20M page views, according to the acquiring group. He specifies that in the long term, the German subsidiaries of NetMedia Europe and CBSi Germany will merge to be concentrated in Munich under the brand NetMedia Europe Germany.

Founded in in July 2007, NetMedia Europe publishes in particular the sites ITespresso.de, Gizmodo.de and ChannelBiz.de