All the summer news that you shouldn’t miss

by bold-lichterman

  • Amazon storming the art market

Amazon announced in early August the launch ofAmazon Art. On a marketplace model, the platform offers 40,000 works of art from more than 150 galleries and art dealers based in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. On Amazon Art, you can find all kinds of works, sometimes unique like those of Norman Rockwell or Andy Warlhol. The Internet user will have to spend from $ 100 to several million dollars. A wide basket that echoes the diversification that the CEO of Amazon has undertaken, in a rapidly growing art market.


  • … and test a wireless network

Last week, we learned from the Bloomberg agency that the e-commerce giant had tested a new wireless network, based on satellite communications. This test, which would have been carried out in Cupertino in California, would aim to connect the Kindle marketed by the firm. The agency specifies however that this test is not a first, Amazon working for several years on other tests concerning the offer of wireless network.

  • Baidu does its shopping: it buys 91 Wireless and the Groupon Chinese

The Chinese search engine listed on Wall Street, announced the purchase for 1.85 billion dollars of 91 Wireless (Netdragon Websoft), a Chinese app stores of mobile applications. Most recently, it also acquired Nuomi, an equivalent of Groupon, for $ 160 million, a subsidiary of Renren, the Chinese Facebook. This is the third big acquisition for Baidu, which had bet last May on the online video service iQivi, for which it spent 370 million dollars.

  • Yahoo! does it buy startups to recruit better?

This is the good question of the summer. The Verge magazine questioned the many acquisitions of more or less startups sucessfull these last months. The reason for these crazy expenses? Recruit the best developers, especially in mobile applications… Marissa Mayer, who has bought 20 startups since her appointment including the Lexity e-merchant dashboard at the beginning of August, has indeed in mind to straighten out the audience of the old site- portal, but it must also innovate technically. When we know the war that the of the sacrosanct Silicon Valley, 100% recruiting acquisitions (the “Acqhires”) make sense …


  • The Kase acquires 114 The Phone House stores

The mobile accessories brand launched by the Rosenblum brothers takes over 114 physical stores The Phone House, which had ad the end of its distribution activities in France last April. The Kase, which launched in the Paris region and Singapore in November 2012, directly saves 416 jobs from the old network of telephone equipment. The Kase plans to open 60 stores by the end of the year, and a merchant site in September.

In early August, the announcement of its good quarterly results surprised Wall Street. Groupon has indeed soared by 21.56%, its turnover increased by 7% or 609 million dollars. Growth that values ​​the company today at $ 7 billion. The reason for this rebound: an increase in its American users, with 19 million Internet users in the second quarter of 2013 (+4 million in one year). Europe, however, remains a market at half mast for Groupon, which has to deal with persistent competition. Internationally, Groupon has indeed lost 1/4 of its turnover, the new CEO of the firm Eric Lefkofsky, who replaces the much discussed Andrew Mason, therefore has his work cut out for him. The latter recently said he prefers the model of the retailer Costco to that of Amazon or Walmart.