Alkemics raises 5 million euros to digitize consumer goods

by bold-lichterman

Consumers now use all available channels – physical stores, fixed and mobile Internet, etc. – to make their purchases. It is in this context that Alkemics, a Parisian start-up that develops product information management solutions.

For brands and suppliers, Alkemics allows them to share their product information (lists of ingredients, marketing content, regulatory information, etc.) with distributors and other networks (e-commerce sites, mobile applications, catalogs, etc.) and update quickly. And also to respect the regulations in force in terms of information.

On the distributor side, the solution makes it possible to go beyond the barcode and directly import product information from brands or analyze customer profiles. “This is a single place to retrieve product information from all of their suppliers,” Antoine Durieux, co-founder, explains to Frenchweb. Alkemics also provides information on consumers and their behavior.

The company now has large accounts among its customers, including Danone, Nestlé or Procter & Gamble and Nivea. At distributors, or Simply Market also use its solutions. To develop, Alkemics has just raised 5 million euros from Index Ventures and Partech Ventures.

“The funds will focus on three main areas: strengthening our technical teams on the computer science, machine learning and data science – we are now 22 employees and hope to be 40 to 45 by the end of 2015 -; maintain our technological lead by investing in the research and industrialization of new scenarios at the service of brands and distributors; open our platform to Europe during the year, ”explains Mr. Durieux.

Launched in 2011 by Antoine Durieux, Antoine Perrin and Benoit Portoleau-Balloy, a former Criteo and Yahoo !, Alkemics now employs 22 people, 80% of whom are engineers. The start-up now wishes to consolidate its teams.

Photo credit: Alkemics.