Alibaba to take on Tencent (WeChat) in mobile game hosting

by bold-lichterman

BRIEF – Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba could launch mobile game hosting platform, according to information from Bloomberg, from which developers can distribute their opus. The latter would then receive 70% of income from sales against 20% for the firm of Jack Ma. The remaining 10% would then be donated to charities according to the information site Alizia.

In any case, Alibaba’s entry into this market is bad news for Tencent, one of the leading service providers in the industry, and the publisher of the WeChat instant messaging app that offers games for mobile.

The Chinese market is estimated at 310 million players in 2013, up 63%, for a value of 11.2 billion yuan (1.3 billion euros, editor’s note), an increase of 247% over one year. Alizia.