Algolia raises $ 18 million to become the world leader in data search

by bold-lichterman

Algolia is the story of a start-up created three years ago and which ticked all the boxes to become big. This week, it takes on another dimension with the announcement of a new fundraising of $ 18 million in Series A fromAccel Partners. Since its creation in 2012, the start-up passed by Y Combinator Last year had an almost perfect course: experienced founders and engineers – Nicolas Dessaigne (Nantes Computer Science School) and Julien Lemoine (ex Epita), a successful hub, and a head office located in Silicon Valley.

Algolia’s growth is also based on its product. Engineers have developed a SaaS solution that allows companies to install a search engine full text on their databases. A sort of Google for business developers.

Faced with competitors such as Amazon Cloud Search (also in SaaS) or Elastic Search (in open source), Algolia wants to propose a “research experience“For developers, via the API and thus” improve their KPI. “

In May 2015, the French even won over the research firm Gartner, which awarded them the “Cool Vendors” prize, a distinction which rewards “any solution that allows users to achieve something that was not possible before” and which has an economic impact. A potential that is confirmed in the figures, with 600 paying customers in more than 50 countries, and a monthly growth of 30% of its turnover last year.

The video interview:

Headquarters: San Francisco

Founder: Nicolas Dessaigne, Julien Lemoine


Fundraising : $ 1.2 million (Index Ventures, Point Nine Capital and Alven Capital, and a few business angels (Ilan Abehassera in 2013), $ 1.3 million (2014)

Workforce: 21