Alfa version of Accompani is enough to raise $ 15 million

by bold-lichterman

Organize all the contact details accumulated through emails and messages exchanged on social networks. We think about it, but we often do not find the time. Fortunately, there are platforms that play directory assistants today. In addition to social networks – including professional ones – there is for example Hightrise, to save a list of contacts online, and to be able to fill it and use it with others. However, it requires you to manually fill in the details of each contact.

5.6 million previously raised

But, Accompanied, an American start-up which publishes an eponymous solution, goes further. Its ambition is to automatically save all the contact details exchanged via our various online communication channels. She has just raised $ 15 million in series B – from investors including the fund ICONIQ Capital – we learn from reading TechCrunch. Objective: to ensure the launch of its product on the market. Accompani previously raised $ 5.6 million from two funds: Charles River Ventures and Cowboy Ventures.

The company employs around twenty people and is developing an algorithm capable of locating and managing contact information, by connecting to the most frequently used communication media. A concept resulting from the reflections of two former Google employees who worked on Google Analytics and therefore rather familiar with the use of data: Matthias Ruhl (CTO) and Amy Chang (CEO). They have been working on this project for a year and a half.

Analyze interactions within the address book

Accompani’s ambition is to analyze interactions in order to deliver advice on the people on whom the user has an interest in focusing; and secondly, to provide him with daily summaries of what is happening to his contacts (a change of position for example). It is somewhat reminiscent of what LinkedIn and Video provide in their timelines. Finally, Accompani can serve as a reminder to the user by sending him alerts to better manage his contacts.

Accompani targets professionals and wants to save them time and efficiency in the management of their professional network. The application should be available in web and mobile version, however for now, it is only at the experimental stage (alpha version). These 15 million were therefore raised even though the development of the product is not complete. The beta version will be the next step.

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