AlephD wants publishers to earn more on their programmatic advertising revenue

by bold-lichterman

In 2013, programmatic advertising accounted for 2.1 billion euros in Europe, according to the IAB. It is on this market that AlephD, a Parisian start-up which has developed an algorithm for optimizing auctions on automated space buying and selling platforms. Its objective: to help publishers increase the prices at which their prints are sold, while programmatic is still often associated with entry-level purchases. “Programmatic is cannibalizing the purchase of spaces premium ”, assures Maxime Agostini, the co-founder.

Founded in 2012 by the latter, Nicolas Grislain and Vincent Lepage, the company will open an office in New York by this summer in order to address the American market. “The French programmatic market is very mature, very advanced. France is even ahead, including the United States on certain aspects. (…) But the size of the American market is colossal and gives access to the world market», Explains Mr. Agostini. R&D will however remain in France.

Marketing its performance-based offer with the deduction of a commission on the revenue increment generated by the publisher, the company has set itself the goal of reaching 10 million euros in turnover by one. at two years. More details with Maxime Agostini, co-founder of AlephD.

Creation: June 2012

The head office : Paris

Founders: Maxime Agostini, Nicolas Grislain and Vincent Lepage

Market : online advertising, programmatic

Workforce: 14 people

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