[Akamai] Content and its challenges in the age of hyper-connectivity

by bold-lichterman

PCs, Tablets, Smartphones, connected TVs, etc., content and in particular videos must now be distributed to hundreds of different terminals, with an optimal user experience, despite the qualitative and quantitative explosion in demand. It is estimated that in 2015, the number of connected devices in the world will be twice the population, that 1 million minutes of video will pass through networks every second and that 77% of this video content will be in HD.

In this context of exponential growth, Akamai supports its clients by facing major challenges such as:
– Continuity of service at the heart of major events (Elections, Olympic Games, World Cup, etc.)
– The ability to stream video files in a format compatible with each mobile terminal
– Securing content to avoid pirating and misappropriation of content
– Measurement and in-depth analysis of the audience as well as the quality of service …

Jérôme Renoux, Sales Manager Digital Media, details all of these issues

White Paper IDC: Streaming Video Quality and User Engagement

This study analyzes the influence of the quality of live broadcasts of 6 major sporting events on the behavior of 2 million users, located in the United States and Western Europe. Download it for free!

To find out more, discover the challenges of digital content distribution, May 29 @ Paris, during a morning at Pershing hall, organized by Akamai and Brainsonic.