Airbnb + Uber + Benoît Flamant (ex-Fourpoints Investment Managers) = INSIDERS

by bold-lichterman

  • Airbnb will launch its flight booking platform.
  • Uber announces the creation of a fund of 2 million euros to support drivers “in difficulty”.
  • Eventiko launches a crowdfunding campaign to raise 300,000 euros.
  • Accenture enters into negotiations to acquire Arismore, a security specialist.
  • Software, big data: how is the industry changing?
  • The appointment: Benoît Flamant …

travel plane bookingAirbnb continues to evolve to become a full-fledged passenger services platform. The Californian start-up led by Brian chesky would thus be developing a flight booking platform, according to information reported by Bloomberg.

To complete this project, Airbnb would consider several options, such as buying an online travel agency or obtaining a license agreement from a supplier such as Amadeus IT Group or Saber Corp. . According to sources familiar with the matter cited by the American media, this new service could be launched before Airbnb’s IPO, which should take place by 2018.

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uber-travisIn the midst of negotiations with the Secretary of State for Transport Alain Vidalies to find a solution to the conflict between him and some of its drivers, Uber has announced its intention to create a support fund to help “drivers in difficulty” . The operating methods of the fund as well as the fields it will cover are not specified, only the amount of its global envelope, 2 million euros, was announced by the VTC platform.

The drivers demand that the company Travis Kalanick freezes the increase in its commissions during negotiations. The latter have indeed recently increased from 20% to 25%, angering the drivers. The driver unions estimate that once all costs have been deducted, a driver receives remuneration of less than 4 euros per hour, which is less than half of the gross hourly minimum wage, at 9.67 euros.

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Anne-Marie RandriamanandraitsioryThe platform Eventiko launches a campaign on the participatory investment platform Raizers to raise 300,000 euros. Launched in September 2014, Eventiko offers an “all-in-one” online solution for the organization of their events (meetings, seminars, etc.). From the reception venue to accommodation, including group activities, everything is included in the prepackaged event offers concocted by the company.

With this investment, Eventiko plans to strengthen its workforce to accelerate its development on a European scale. “Thanks to the recruitment of a team dedicated to expanding the catalog of online offers by bringing together new partners across Europe, hotel and business service providers, we believe we can offer companies a rich offer corresponding to their expectations and their needs. needs“, Explain Anne-Marie Randriamanandraitsiory.

Accenture_300x130Accenture has entered into exclusive negotiations for the acquisition ofArismore, a company specializing in accelerating the digital transformation of its customers. It is particularly recognized for its expertise in digital security. Details of the operation were not disclosed.

With this acquisition, the consulting firm would strengthen its security expertise, and also increase its portfolio of clients. Arismore works with companies such as SFR, Orange in telecoms, Total, EADS in industry, and BNP Paribas in the banking sector. Subject to being accepted, the offer provides for the integration of the 270 experts, currently at Arismore, into the Accenture teams.

How will software and big data allow the industry to transform? This is the question that Ohio University took an interest in infographics. Productivity gains of around 30%, 50% reduction in product development and assembly costs, all of these positive effects that digital tools should provide to manufacturers.


benoit-FlemishBenoît Flamant becomes Head of Digital Investments at Filnatis

Filnatis announces the arrival of Benoît Flamant as Head of Digital Investments. Previously, he was CIO and Director of Management at Fourpoints Investment Managers.