After the “design for mobile”, the new era of interruption

by bold-lichterman

Alistair Croll is the founder of Solve For Interesting, a consulting firm specializing in the use of data for tech start-ups that have reached global scale. He is the author (with Benjamin Yoskovitz) of “Lean Analytics: Use data to build a better startup faster”(2013).

According to this Canadian expert, companies should no longer speak of “design for mobile”, but now of “interruption with context”. What is the future of interfaces? What will their functions be? In this first excerpt, he answers the questions of Frenchweb on the occasion of the USI conference (Unexpected Sources of Inspiration) which took place in June in Paris. A meeting which attracts specialists from Silicon Valley and which makes it possible to identify the main digital trends; those that will have both a societal and economic impact.

SEE: Interview with Alistaire Croll, founder and author.