After declaring war on intrusive ads, Google wants to block adblockers

by bold-lichterman

Google has decided to rule out its Chrome browser. Determined to impose its vision of online advertising, which represents almost all of the Mountain View firm’s revenues – $ 29 billion in the third quarter of 2018 on a total turnover of $ 33.7 billion – the Alphabet subsidiary has reserved a nasty surprise for ad blockers to start 2019. Indeed, Google has announced its intention to change the way extensions work in Chrome, which could lead to the disappearance of many adblockers.

In a document called “Manifest V3”, the American giant reveals that it will modify the APIs used by developers to create extensions on Chrome. And among the APIs concerned, the one responding to the name “webRequest” will be replaced by the API “declarativeNetRequest”. To justify this change, Google assures us that this new API will guarantee better security of user data.Apple-converted-space “>

These changes have not yet been officially acted on by Google, but this prospect is already worrying several ad blockers who have not hesitated to openly expressed their dissatisfaction. Among them, UBlock Origin was one of the first to lead the slinging against Google’s planned changes to Chrome. He ensures that his solution will no longer work if the Mountain View firm goes through with its process. If these adblockers want to continue, they will most likely have to deal with a filter put in place by Google, but that would then make them dependent on the American giant.