After Beamap and Recast.AI, Patrick Joubert launches Ponicode, an AI to make developers’ lives easier

by bold-lichterman

No downtime for Patrick Joubert. Barely digested the Recast.AI adventure, the French entrepreneur launches a new project. It must be said that it is his habit to chain. After selling Beamap, a cloud consulting firm, to Sopra Steria in 2014, the following year he founded Recast.AI, a chatbot creation platform. This had aroused the interest of the German enterprise software giant SAP, which eventually bought the French start-up in January 2018.

Now it’s time for Ponicode. Like in Recast.AI, it’s all about artificial intelligence, but this time it’s about putting it to good use for developers so they can focus on coding. To do this, the start-up created in June 2019 has developed a platform based on artificial intelligence, fed by millions of lines of code. This allows to generate unit tests in a few clicks to reduce bugs in production.

In the eyes of Patrick Joubert, his platform meets a major need of developers, especially since coding is becoming more democratic under the impetus of structures such as Xavier Niel’s school 42 or Le Wagon. “We code today like 30 years ago! Of course, automation, the cloud and many tools have improved productivity, but a revolution in uses is necessary.», He believes. And according to him, this revolution passes by “artificial intelligence that understands the code“.

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Ponicode: the key data

Founders: Benedetta Dal Canton, Simon Guilliams, Edmond Aouad and Patrick Joubert
Creation: 2019
The head office : Paris
Sector: AI
Activity: artificial intelligence to help developers