Advice from Axa France’s CDO to meet the GDPR challenge

by bold-lichterman

Businesses around the world are on the home stretch before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. Adopted definitively in April 2016, this text aims to allow Europe to adapt to the new realities generated by digital technology, but also and above all, to better regulate the circulation of private data of European citizens. However, the application of this provision on May 25 has taken on the appearance of a race against time for companies.

And for good reason, they will have to comply with a new process of data security and transparency. However, most companies, if not the majority, are lagging behind when it comes to data storage and circulation. Often, they have not quickly grasped the impact of the GDPR on their business model and income, making it difficult for them to stay within the law and continue to grow.

However, is it too late for these companies? No in the eyes of Antoine Denoix, CDO of Axa France. Falling into the data pot during his time with Google ten years ago, he launched the start-up Fifty-five, specializing in digital marketing and data mining. Today within Axa, he is working to develop a data culture within the French insurer. In his latest book “Big Data, Smart Data, Stupid Data… How to (really) enhance your data” (Dunod), Antoine Denoix gives his advice to help business leaders but also political leaders to successfully negotiate this crucial shift of data.