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by bold-lichterman

Created by Paul Péretié, Jimmy Roux, Renan Bourgois and Jolee Nebert, Adok proposes to transform a meeting table into a touch pad, thus a touch surface three times larger. Each employee can work on the same document in a meeting and move or add information to it. The start-up thus avoids the multiplication of screens. More details Paul Péretié, CEO of Adok.

Frenchweb: What needs does your service meet?

paul-peretie-adok-2016Paul Péretié the CEO of Adok: Adok was born from the issue of time lost in meetings. In the United States alone, an executive spends almost 8 hours a week in meetings and 7 out of 10 consider them to be unproductive. The slightest notification or the slightest email makes you lose concentration because today we have more screens in meetings than people.

What’s your value proposition?

We want to erase the barriers that our current screens erect. For this we have created the “Shared Computer”, to bring together individuals around the same interactive content, thus promoting their involvement and bringing efficiency to all meetings. Adok creates an immersive screen for several people, in the user center. It’s a layer of augmented reality, on any table, and without glasses.

Who are the users of your solution?

Our users are the Project Managers in companies. Our computer can make any surface tactile. This translates into more productive meetings and more in line with the new organization of work. Concretely, we will allow all employees to work together, at the same time, on the same screen.


What is your development plan?

We are currently in the beta test phase with our first customers. The first Adok SC will be available in September 2017 and for pre-order from today. We are incubated at ParisTech and Polytechnique and in parallel we participate in The Refiners program, to develop Adok in San Francisco.

– in terms of product / service: Improve the experience thanks to the feedback from our beta-testers

– business growth: Recruit, recruit and recruit to set up our technical and commercial roadmap.

– internationalization? Already done, because we are between Paris and SF.

What are your challenges?

Our different challenges are:

– market : For the moment our market is centered on B2B but we intend soon to market Adok to the general public.

– business: Ensuring good feedback with our beta testers is currently our main mission. Then we want to expand our client companies.

– financial: We are currently in the process of raising funds

– HR: We are developing very quickly and we are constantly on the lookout for talent. For those interested we have a recruitment page on our site. We are looking for technical profiles in priority, Software and Hardware to strengthen the team.

Who are your competitors?

We have no direct competitors. We are for the moment the only ones to make collaborative augmented reality without glasses. What sets us apart from all other augmented reality tools is that ours doesn’t separate, quite the contrary. The multi-user is an integral part of our computer and allows several people to work around the same table.

Founders: Paul Péretié, Jimmy Roux, Renan Bourgois and Jolee Nebert

Creation date : september 2015

Fundraising: any

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