Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium 2015: Trends to Know for 2016

by bold-lichterman

Several digital “bing bangs” were announced during the 3rd edition of the Symposium organized by Adobe which took place at La Défense. “The world has shifted towards customer knowledge,” immediately announces Pierre Casanova, CEO Western and Southern Europe at Adobe.

The brands present at the Symposium, such as Darty, Danone, La Fourchette, Système U, SNCF, and Renault-Nissan came to seek solutions to precisely increase this knowledge. “The good experience is personalized, in real time, on increasingly finer customer segments”, summarizes Pierre Casanova. In the huge plenary room, the indispensable “marriage of content and data; Art with Science, ”describes the CEO.

“The first factor of disruption is the consumer,” also insisted Emmanuel Vivier. The co-founder of the Hub Institute also gave his good students in terms of investment in digital: Accor, with a plan of 225 million euros or Axa, with 950 million spread over three years “. Obviously, “nothing comparable with the 9.8 billion dollars of Google each year for its R&D”, but certain French groups are approaching maturity.

Another big bang, the one played out in digital advertising. First, with the vertical format of videos presented as the rising trend. But also because of a new theorem: “CX> Advertising”. “Have you seen a lot of advertising for Uber in France? No, because they already have everything: interaction and user experience ”, observes Emmanuel Vivier.

Latest big bangs, those delivered by the Americans from Adobe. “Nothing changed, it’s just going back to basics with customers,” says John Travis, VP Marketing EMEA. With some punchlines worked he strikes:

Co-creat, collaborate, open-Up. People are part of your brand“.

Without forgetting the essential role of data: “media is any touchpoints your customers have today

Or : “Customer is King, allright, everbody knows it. But now Community is King

Finally, for those who are worried about it and at a time when people are at the center of all marketing operations: “No, marketing will never be done by robots ... “

41 trillion transactions in the Adobe cloud

On the internal side, Adobe recognizes itself: “we no longer offer the same to our customers. A quarter of our turnover is now done through, ”says Pierre Casanova. The IT group thus completed 41 trillion transactions that passed through Adobe cloud marketing in 2014.

For Adobe, the masters of the art are Apple, for “product innovation”, FedEx, “for operational excellence” or a L’Oréal, “for customer privacy”. Something to inspire the 1000 professionals present at the Symposium: managers, marketers, CMOs, digital directors.

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