Adnow raises 1.2 million euros to boost its drive-to-store targeting offer

by bold-lichterman

The amount

Adnow, a start-up specializing in location-based advertising, has just raised 1.2 million euros from Axeloeo, an accelerator targeting B2B start-ups.

The market

Founded in 2013 by Matthieu Daguenet and Mokrane Mimouni, Adnow develops drive-to-store solutions. The idea is to target mobile Internet users according to their geolocation in order to offer local advertisements intended to attract them to physical points of sale (stores, boutiques, salons, etc.). On its website, the company offers brands the opportunity to reach “several million mobile users” who are grouped together “in more than 30 different profiles”.

“Our solutions do not stop at the sole drive-to-store objective. We serve media goals that go beyond these retailer goals. Certain pure players or major brands indeed wish to benefit from our targeting and optimization capacities for more traditional performance-based or hyper-targeting campaigns ”specifies Matthieu Daguenet.

The objectives of the Start-up

With this investment, Adnow, which employs 28 people, wants to continue its commercial development and aims for a turnover of 5 million euros in 2016, against 700,000 euros currently.

Founders: Matthieu Daguenet and Mokrane Mimouni

Creation: 2013

2015 turnover: 700,000 euros

Effective : 28 people

Market : adtech

Funding: 1.2 million euros raised in October 2015

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