Administrative management: Xamance acquires HomeBubble, specialist in web and mobile archiving

by bold-lichterman

The French startup Xamance, which publishes Xambox, a solution for simplifying administrative management for very small businesses, has acquired HomeBubble, which specializes in web and mobile document archiving in the form of a platform marketed as SaaS.

“Thanks to this acquisition, we now cover all market segments: general public, professional and large white label accounts” declares Thomas Henry, the founder and manager of Xamance who wishes to take advantage of this investment to “become the number one of archiving and filing of digital documents for home and professionals, in France and in Europe ”.

His company has indeed published a technology, protected by patent, which automates the collection, archiving, or even the indexing of documents in a dematerialized and compressed way. With HomeBubble, it will be able to strengthen itself, in particular on cloud. “In a still fragmented market, this operation makes it possible to constitute a visible leader […] to offer dematerialization, archiving and document management solutions ”explains Bertrand Dolbeau, the founder of HomeBubble.