Adblock Plus tackles mobile advertising

by bold-lichterman

The Adblock Plus software published by the German company Eyeo has formalized the release of its version on iOS and Android via Google play. Less than four months after launching a version test to get user feedback, ABP teams “worked hard” on the Adblock Plus Browser and are “proud” to allow ad blocking under the two most popular operating systems. The announcement comes a few hours before the presentation of the adblocking system by Apple integrated by default to its phones in the Safari browser.

With these two consecutive announcements, the era of blocking mobile ads is well on the way. The adblocking penetration rate should continue to grow and cross the 20% threshold among users. What will be left to the publisher, while the revenues from mobile advertising expected at + 50% in 2015, must come and fill the shortfall on the Web? Will advertiser spending still exceed $ 100 billion in 2016, according to eMarketer, while the question of display advertising, often minimized by agencies, arises even more?


While new advertising formats for mobile have yet to be invented, Eyeo could also choose to set up, for mobile, a list of “acceptable ads”, as it has done for the Web. Faced with Apple, the Cologne-based company in Germany has already warned that its adblocking system would offer more functionality and fluidity. “1.0 is just the beginning,” she already warned.

In an interview with Frenchweb, publisher Eyeo was responding to attacks by publishers accusing it of killing the advertising market.

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