Adblock Plus passes the 100 million active user mark

by bold-lichterman

Adblock Plus, anti-adware, said it has passed the 100 million active user mark. The announcement was made on Monday by Till Faida, co-founder of the extension published by the German company Eyeo, on the sidelines of the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in New York, in the United States. However, by “active users”, Adblock Plus specifies that it is actually “100 million active installations”.

Thus, a user can have the software on several devices, which therefore qualifies the number advanced by Adblock Plus. “These are our latest figures, on which we have worked for months to obtain the most precise result without breaking our strict confidentiality policy.», Explains the editor in a statement. In addition, Adblock Plus describes the number of users in countries where the software is “fairly well known“, Especially in France and Germany, as”relatively stable”, While suggesting a faster growth in its adoption rate in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Chrome and Brave at the origin of new initiatives

The announcement of Adblock Plus comes as new forms of ad blocking appear on the market. In recent months, several Web players have suggested the idea of ​​blocking certain advertising formats deemed too intrusive.

This is particularly the case of Google which wishes to set up this filtering via its Chrome browser, according to information reported by Le Figaro last month. Earlier this year, in January, Brendan Eich, the co-founder of the Mozilla Foundation, introduced Brave, a new kind of Internet browser. It could stop formats considered intrusive and replace them with advertisements deemed more relevant and selected by the browser itself. Still, the stakes are high for publishers. Indeed, according to a study by Adobe and PageFair, 198 million Internet users around the world used ad blocking software last year.

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