[Adblock] Brave, the new browser against “invasive” ads from Mozilla co-founder

by bold-lichterman

Brendan Eich, one of the co-founders of the Mozilla Foundation, and creator of JavaScript, is embarking on a new adventure. He just presented Brave, an Internet browser open source which proposes to block advertisements deemed to be too invasive in terms of privacy, or which slow down too much the browsing of Internet users.

Unlike many ad blocking software, Brave will not erase all banners. Certain advertisements, considered as “relevant and [qui] meet our general quality standards (non-intrusive, no trackers) ”should continue to appear,“ but this decision will be made dynamically and will never involve costs of whitelist“, explains Brave on his website. A “whitelist” is a list of advertisers who have agreed to pay an ad blocking software publisher not to have their ads blocked.

Revenue sharing

To get paid, Brave has opted for a different economic model. It will be able to replace certain blocked advertisements by other selected advertisements… by itself. “We are therefore reducing the total number of ads to which the user is exposed and increasing the quality and relevance, while simultaneously blocking the trackers that follow your activity across the sites”, details the company in its FAQ.

The founder of the browser then wants to share the revenue generated by these ads with website publishers, but also with users in the form of Bitcoins. Wired mentions a commission of 15% for Brave, and 55% for publishers, the rest being shared between users and ad providers.

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos