Ad blocks have skyrocketed in the App Store since the release of iOS 9

by bold-lichterman

While iOS 9 has been available since Wednesday, applications fromad blocking already have the wind in their sails. Two of them even managed to slip into the most downloaded applications.

Two apps in the top 10

Founded by a former Tumblr engineer, “Peace”, which offers to block ads and trackers, rose to first place in the US ranking of paid applications most downloaded on the Apple App Store. Billed $ 2.99, it offers users in particular to block “social widgets”, cookies (which allow the user to follow in order to collect browsing data) but also to hide the forms dedicated to comments.

Another application to break through, “Purify Blocker” which, sold for $ 3.99, ranks fifth on the US App Store. The promise, again and again: to block advertisements and “tracking”. Finally, Blockr, another service in the same line, ranks in 28th place.

Targeted Safari Ads

However, in both cases, these apps only work for pages viewed from Safari, and not other mobile browsers like Chrome, which is also available on iOS. Also, these ad blockers do not work for ads on other mobile apps. Publishers can therefore be reassured. But for how long?

The stakes are high when we know that many web giants achieve the majority of their turnover on mobile. For example, in the second quarter, 76% of Facebook ad revenue was earned on mobile. A figure that even rises to 88% at Twitter. According to an Adobe and PageFaire study, ad blocks software had 198 million monthly active users in June 2015.

Ad blocks have skyrocketed in the App Store since the
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