Accenture’s Paris Innovation Center, the idea centrifuge for large groups in search of transformation

by bold-lichterman

The digital transformation of a large group is often approached in a theoretical way. But what if decision makers were faced with practical cases? It is this kind of concrete and original experiences that the Paris Innovation Center, inaugurated in June 2016, at the French headquarters of the global business consulting group. Among the promises of the center, described as “un catalyst“, That of “Get out thirty ideas a minute”.

Located in the François Mitterrand library district of the capital, the new center welcomes executive committees and managers for one to three days to immerse them in a process of “ideation“. Objective: to spark the spark between traditional economic models and those of the digital economy. Since its opening, 25 courses have already been designed for large groups from various sectors.

To offer a tailor-made offer, Accenture mobilizes all of its skills internally (in France and around the world, more than 400,000 people in total), underlines Albane Liger-Belair, director of the Paris Innovation Center. The center also relies on theAccenture Innovation Architecture, which combines the group’s expertise and solutions to help companies at every stage of their digital transformation.
Discover the Paris Innovation Center, its concept and its team.

See the report from the Paris Innovation Center:

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