Accel Partners launches a new 75 million euros fund dedicated to Big Data

by bold-lichterman

Named Big Data Fund 2, this fund promises to focus on data-driven software publishing startups.

The venture capital company Accel Partners, present in the United States, Asia and Europe, has just launched its second investment fund dedicated to Big Data: “Big Data Fund 2”. Endowed with 75 million euros, the system is comparable to the first specialized funds of Accel Partners, “Big Data Fund”, launched at the end of 2011 with the same amount.

This second fund promises to direct its investments towards startups whose offer will be more focused on user value. Big Data Fund 2 partner Jake Flomenberg says the first fund didn’t pay enough attention to this aspect of technology Big data. Accel Partners also wants to focus its new investments on “data-driven software”.

With this in mind, Accel invested on June 12 in the start-up RelateIQ, which uses Big Data for its automated professional relationship management solutions. A beta version of the RelateIQ platform was launched this year.

The venture capital company also invested, in May 2010, in the start-up Lookout : Based in San Francisco, this company uses data to help users protect their smartphones from viruses, and find them in the event of loss or theft.

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