A low-cost iPhone coming soon?

by bold-lichterman

While the iPhone is the most expensive smartphone on the market, Apple is reportedly working on the upcoming release of a low-cost phone.

It would be called the iPhone 5C. For a few days, photos of these devices have been circulating from China, but the sacrosanct secret of the apple brand remains well kept.


The firm of Tim Cook will indeed present its keynote on September 10, and we could discover a newcomer in the range of smartphones, in addition to the iPhone 5S which should be unveiled.

The iPhone 5S has a shell, and comes in five colors.

In the war of connected phones, Apple would therefore seek to open a path that could somewhat offset the disappointments in sales of the iPhone 5. Last June, there was talk of a scrapping premium on smartphones, against a check made. by the Cupertino company, a project not yet confirmed.
Apple, which shares the bulk of the market with the Korean Samsung, would therefore target a very large audience of users, especially Asians. The iPhone 5C, if this is confirmed, could appeal to the Chinese for example, who do not hesitate for a long time to buy “the Hongmi” sold for less than 100 euros by the company Xiaomi, a great success in the middle empire , which sold 7 million in the first half and has 20 million devices sold by the end of the year.