A Leade.rs conference to find new web stars

by bold-lichterman

Loic le Meur, the French entrepreneur living in San Francisco, is above all the man who knows how to bring crowds together. During the presentation of his new company Leade.rs in Paris, the founder of Le Web quite simply offered a day of conferences in the presence of a few pundits expressly dispatched from Silicon Valley. Among this cocktail of stars: investor Jeff Clavier, tech guru Robert Scoble (pictured in Une), new star Tom Mc Leod of the start-up Omni which would soon be valued at several billion dollars …

On the menu for discussions in English, all the emerging trends from the West Coast that should inspire the French ecosystem in the coming months. Virtual reality, bots, the music industry, but also Iran, which has just opened its borders to busines.

Leade.rs wants to find the “Travis Kalanicks of tomorrow”, as in the days of Le Web, and “the directors” of all sectors, in France and elsewhere.

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