A hundred banks have been victims of a cyber attack according to Kaspersky

by bold-lichterman

Based on a document by Russian anti-virus publisher Kaspersky revealed by the Anglo-Saxon press, a hundred banking establishments around the world have been “hacked” and stolen between 300 million and one billion dollars since 2013.

The names of the banks specifically affected are not disclosed but the establishments are said to be located in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, China, Canada and the United States. “This is a very clever and professional-worthy cyber attack,” said Sergey Golovanov, security manager at Kaspersky Lab. The attack would not be stopped yet.

Joint investigation with Interpol and Europol

A group of Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese hackers are believed to be behind these thefts. Kaspersky claims to be investigating jointly with Interpol and Europol.

The center for information and analysis of financial institutions FS-ISAC, for its part, confirmed that it had warned institutions of the content of this report in January. In a statement, he wants to be reassuring: “We cannot comment on the individual measures taken by our members, but it is assured that they take appropriate measures to prevent and detect this type of attacks and to minimize them. the effects on their customers ”.

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