A few days away from VivaTech, Les Echos offers themselves Netexplo

by bold-lichterman

Created in 2007 by Martine Bidegain and Thierry Happe, Netexplo has positioned itself as one of the key players in conferences on innovation alongside USI organized by OCTO Technology, recently acquired by Accenture Digital, or even Leade.rs created by Loïc Le Meur. It is defined as the “Independent observatory that studies the impact of digital on society and businesses“.

Every year, Netexplo identifies emerging uses around the world that are shaping the society of tomorrow. The company organizes forums of the same name, during which various digital-related conferences are held. The objective of these meetings is to reveal the best of a year of observation of global digital innovation and to imagine new uses for the company.

Echoes in Tech Offensive

The company, which employs 7 people permanently, achieved a turnover of 4.4 million euros in 2016 for a net profit of 438,900 euros.

This acquisition is in line with the Les Echos group’s strategy to invest in the Tech sector and to position itself against pure players, like FrenchWeb or the Hub Institute, organizer of the Hub Forum.

It is also a question of strengthening the event activity centered on VivaTech, a joint structure with the Publicis Group, whose sustainability is not guaranteed in view of the losses made, despite the size of the event.