A $ 125 million UK security fund

by bold-lichterman

Raise $ 125 million in a few weeks. This is what the British fund wants to achieve C5 Capital to finance companies specializing in cybersecurity, at a time when business security is more of a concern than ever – especially since the revelations about the NSA wiretaps, European companies are not subject to the same “rules” as their counterparts American. In recent weeks, several major security breaches have also appeared: hacking of millions of data at eBay, “heartbleed” security breach …

Based in London, the venture capitalist invested in companies that already have some traction – $ 10 million in sales – and whose competitive advantages are primarily based on technology. Last week, C5 Capital invested in Balabit, a company specializing in corporate internal security.

Stating that the global information security market is estimated at $ 67 billion according to Gartner, Nazo Moosa, co-founder of C5 Capital specifies that the United Kingdom, France and Eastern Europe are growth areas for this sector still dominated by American firms.