9 points to check before launching your mobile application

by bold-lichterman

What are the mistakes to avoid in order to develop an application that is efficient on all media (mobiles, tablets, etc.) and pleasant for users. The agency Buzinga proposes to come back to nine important points:

  • Is the user interface consistent and optimized: the same application is used on a heterogeneous fleet of devices. It is then necessary to check that the color codes for the titles, the menus, or the font, are the same whatever the mobile operating systems (Android, iOS…)? Also, it should be checked that the images are displayed both vertically and horizontally and adapt to different screen sizes;
  • Check the features: it is a question of checking the possible inoperative functions. Do the buttons work correctly when a user clicks on them? If there is a search bar, does it work, and does it show relevant results?
  • User experience: is the user journey simplified and pleasant for the user? And what is the impact of the application on the battery of the smartphone?
  • Test performance: this is to check the “scalability” of the application. Can it handle heavy traffic, above its usual average? Do third-party services (payments, social networks, etc.) also work during periods of overload?
  • Networks: While some users have smartphones compatible with 4G, others only connect to 3G. Does the app work effectively with the different types of connections?
  • Security : this involves verifying the level of security of the application, in terms of protecting user data, in particular if it concerns payment information;
  • Compatibility : does the app work with all mobile operating systems?
  • Compliance test: Does the application meet the conditions imposed by iOS and Android to ensure it is accepted?
  • Ease of installation: Is installing and uninstalling the app easy? Including user registrations and unsubscriptions?

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Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos