9 new mobile users every second in the world

by bold-lichterman

Mobile devices continue to reach more and more people around the world. This is what an infographic produced by the social media agency shows We Are Social, whose main lessons are:

  • Of the 7,258 billion humans on Earth, 3,630 billion use a mobile phone
  • 7.142 billion telephone contracts are in progress … of which 4.6 billion do not cover smartphones

Half of humans therefore use a mobile phone, according to data just published GSMA Intelligence and Worldometer. Every second, the world has 9 new mobile users. The number of chat app users continues to grow:

  • Whatsapp has 600 million monthly users, WeChat has 438 million, Line: 490 registered users (but not necessarily active) and 140 million registered users for the Korean Kakao Talk.
  • There are 2.95 billion Internet users on Earth, 2.03 billion active social media accounts and 3.6 billion mobile phone users

These data come from publications of GSMA Intelligence, Worldometer, Tencent, Facebook, World population Clock, InternetLiveStats, VKontakte.


Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos