8 tools that optimize the work of start-ups

by bold-lichterman

That’s it, I completed my first year of SaaS tools monitoring, more than 500 services discovered, tested, and implemented. I suggest you take stock of the web applications that, in my opinion, could be useful to other digital companies, start-ups and other types of organizations.

These SaaS tools make our life easier and open up new possibilities within a small group of around thirty people organized into business teams (content, technical production, SEO, monetization).

Here is a selection of 8 tools discovered in 2016.

These tools that bring me closer to internet users

Smartsupp, free chat solution

For specific products, we needed a chat. The important thing was to have a solution with a customizable interface that is activated when our sales agent connects.

With Smartsupp, we can converse with an unlimited number of customers visiting our sites, creating an equally endless number of agents who use this tool via customizable chat windows. The paid options make it possible in particular to video record the sessions of our Internet users. We are a long way from Intercom, there is no API, not as many options and tracking, but the free version will suit many portals.

Chatfuel, bot messenger

For some of our portals, including Match Clash, we did not have time to take care of customer relations due to a lack of dedicated resources, especially since it involved answering the same questions to a majority of our visitors. To automate this relationship we opted for Chatfuel.

This year 2016 was undoubtedly the year of bots. Chatfuel, Facebook bot, is a messaging service via Messenger that will take care of answering for you. Obviously, everything is parameterized, by keywords and expressions. You organize your responses and voila. A little patience and adjustments will ensure you get good feedback. With the conversation retrospective, you identify gaps and further refine your responses.

Clickmeter, Pretty Link and better

We used a system of tracking of links for several years but we wanted to refine our analysis, manage and track the statistics of our outgoing hyperlinks and understand the behavior of our visitors, in particular on the origin of the clicks when the link was used in different places and more if possible .

With Clickmeter we can know for example: the number of “hits” according to their origins, the distinction of clicks coming from robots and that of real visitors, the countries / IP of origin, the landing pages visited, all in summary tables showing all the statistics.

The interface is clear and offers many settings, as well as the possibility to create conversion variables, to use the API provided to add the data to its own dashboards as well as to test the data. landing pages destination with two links for the same Call to action.

These tools that make my daily life easier

MeetFranz, an all-in-one office

We all work with many open applications and services and sometimes the phone as a supplement next to us. We were looking to simplify the workstation. Why not put everything in one place via a desktop solution?

Quickly the choice fell on MeetFranz. Its principle: in the same window, you will find your Skype, Slack, Hangouts, your various business / personal emails, but also your sms, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, Trello, Tweetdeck, Google Calendar, etc … complete list of possible additions here (“plugins“).

You may prefer Rambox, which is open source and which offers more integrations.

Asana plays it like Trello

Used with us since 2012, we were starting to feel the limits ofAsana, to the point of considering a passage on Trello which offers a global vision of the progress of the tasks.

However, their teams were able to provide the right updates, notably with the appearance of the “board», A detailed view in columns (projects) in which the tasks are objects to be moved, a real plus. The contribution of priority levels also made day-to-day management easier. Associated with Instagantt, project management is further optimized.

Tunnello, the fast and free VPN

Our teams work on portals for several countries. Looking for a flexible VPN to be able to carry out our specific tests and research, Tunnello has been able to provide a free and efficient solution. It is added to your Chrome browser and obeys at the end of the click …

He has the merit of having speed as an argument and of being French. Its only drawback: it is now limited to fourteen countries.

You may be interested in HMA, or PureVPN, very good but paying and Hola, relatively fast but which works on the principle of sharing (your) connection (for the free version).

VisualPing, to automate the monitoring of web pages

For certain specific needs, we had to monitor for updates to sites (which do not have RSS feeds), parts of sites, or specific pages. Change of color of a button, price of an item, visuals …, VisualPing allows us to scan at regular intervals what you request and it is free.

If you’re used to Slack, go for Spotbot instead. It scans everything that is present on the url regularly and informs you via notifications what has changed compared to the last version of this page.

In another registry, you can use a tool like Import.io which can extract data from any site. Scan intervals are also configurable for better monitoring. The little extra: the analysis and reuse of this data via the API.

This tool that takes us back to childhood

Recalbox will soon take center stage in front of television

And during the breaks? Ping-pong table and table football are already out of fashion. We wanted to add a new hobby to our relaxation area to soft pétanque.

All those initiated into video games have been delighted with this handy emulator which can provide almost all games released on consoles and even electronic games from our childhood. The Recalbox fits in a Raspberry box, connects to the TV via an HDMI cable and accepts an SD card that will receive the system and games. These are just waiting for a controller (4 ports for Bluetooth plugs or USB controllers).

jerome trombi

After working in the editorial team and then in project management, Jerome Le Rouzic is now a technological facilitator within the technical team at Pull Media, in charge of monitoring web tools and SaaS services for teams.

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