71 billion items sent via instant messaging in 2014

by bold-lichterman

The sector should also offer new services to generate income

Instant messaging applications are expected to experience a boom in subscriber numbers next year, according to a study by Ovum, specialist in networks and communications. The number of messages sent via these networks could exceed 71 billion units, against more than 27 billion this year, or more than double.

Main factor of this exponential growth, the number of users should cross the 2 billion mark when there are currently 1 billion. according to Tech Crunch. Beyond traffic, the firm also expects major developments in the sector. Instant messengers will offer new services, allowing them to broaden their sources of income.

The Chinese giant WeChat will offer its members to deposit money in a remunerated savings account called TenPay. “We expect social messaging to generate revenue slowly, but steadily,” says Neha Dharia, analyst at Ovum, shifting major industry players to true “mobile media platforms.”