7 start-ups that want to find a place in the “silver economy” market

by bold-lichterman

The reality of the aging of the population and its impact on our societal model and all the systems that characterize it, is no longer in doubt. It suffices to recall a few figures: in 2020, one in three French people will be over 65 years old. In 2100, more than 2 billion Earthlings will be over 60 years old … However, life expectancy has stopped increasing, and this has not happened since 1969, men and women alike.

Living long has been a challenge that our society has succeeded in, living as long as possible in good health now is a new challenge. The challenge for our society is therefore to give life to years rather than years to life: this is what the French want!

This new sector dedicated to the aging of the population, Michèle Delaunay and Arnaud Montebourg, then in business, called it Silver Economy. It brings together all the actors producing goods and / or services that meet the needs and uses of seniors and those around them. It is a transversal sector which brings together many sectors of activity and which is based on the law on the adaptation of society to aging, voted in 2015. This economic approach to aging presents strong opportunities for growth and production. and employment and is advertised as a priority industrial sector by the public authorities. According to the General Commission for Strategy and Foresight, it is a market estimated at 16.6 billion euros in 2013, with a projection of 24.9 billion euros in 2017, or more than 50% in 5 years .

Innovate and undertake to improve the quality and comfort of life for seniors, these are the common points of many start-ups encountered at Silver Valley, the accelerator of Silver Economy innovations in Ile-de-France, bringing together more than 250 structures. These entrepreneurs have understood this well whether it concerns consumer goods, services, assistance, accommodation, care in institutions or at home … the needs, considerable, contribute to the development of a “Silver Economy” which brings real economic and social opportunities.

Who are these start-ups? What are the new markets created? What are the numbers?

Creative Specific Software (C2S) – It was during 2012 that Ramzi Larbi and his associates embarked on the development of an unworn and non-stigmatizing fall detection solution for the elderly. Ramzi Larbi notably noticed during his visits to nursing homes that the fall detection bracelet or watch was not worn at the right time by the person concerned. Thus a fall or a faintness often went unnoticed. It is on these two main observations that the VAC solution was created, VAC standing for Visualization and Fall Alert. A test phase in Living Lab in several nursing homes allowed to validate that the solution was relevant with a fall detection rate close to 100% and a false positive rate of less than 5%. VAC, after three years of R&D, counts among its clients the GDP group Vendôme, Emera, Jardins d’Arcadie, Domusvi. VAC is also an acceleration by OrangeFab France headed by Mr. Latouche with a commercial contract and a solution marketed by the Arkea – Crédit Mutuel group.

C2S figures:

  • Fundraising in 2015: 300,000 euros

  • Number of jobs in 2015 (CDI): 8 including 5 created in 2015

  • 2015 turnover: 350,000 euros

  • Forecast turnover in 2016: 750,000 euros

  • Estimated number of jobs created in 2016 (CDI): 16

Happytal, a new nursing home concierge founded by a young polytechnician: Romain Revellat.

Happytal provides services directly to the room, to facilitate and enhance the stay of patients or residents and allows loved ones to show their affection on a daily basis through small attentions from a distance (bouquet of flowers). Happytal offers a real concierge service to make life easier for all staff. Today, the company continues to grow with four new partner hospitals in 2015, including the Hospices Civils de Lyon. Numerous openings are planned for 2016, in Ile-de-France and in the provinces, in CH and CHU.

Numbers :

  • Fundraising in 2014: 500,000 euros (looking for 1.5 million euros today).

  • Number of jobs in 2015 (CDI): 35 including 24 created in 2015

  • 2015 turnover: around one million euros.

  • 2016 forecast turnover: 4 million euros (i.e. 4 times more than in 2015).

  • Estimated number of jobs created in 2016 (CDI): 80

Blue Frog Robotics : from Silver Valley to Silicon Valley there is only a Buddy step.

It was during a Silver Valley Board of Directors in 2013 that Rodolphe Hasselvander decided to submit an application to the Concours Mondial de l’Innovation (CMI) to present his companion robot project. Two years later, Blue Frog Robotics is a rising star in French robotics. The startup designs and develops robots accessible to all that improve everyday life. His specialization is robotics design, research and development (mechanics and software). She is at the origin of Buddy, the companion robot accessible to all. Blue Frog Robotics has just completed a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform. The target was 100,000 euros, it closed its fundraising at 617,000 euros in pre-orders. The company has already opened offices in the legendary Silicon Valley, in Boston and soon in Shanghai.

Numbers :

  • Fundraising in 2015: the first by Business Angels, grants and the BPI Global Innovation Competition (200,000 euros). The second by a crowdfunding campaign: 617,000 euros on Indiegogo.

  • Number of jobs in 2015 (CDI): 18 including 12 created in 2015.

  • 2016 forecast turnover: 6 million euros.

  • Estimated number of jobs created in 2016 (CDI): 40.

Paperwork, social ties, health …

Famileo: bringing the family into the EHPAD – Young innovative company, Famileo, based in Saint Malo and founded by Armel de Lesquen and Tanguy de Gelis, has developed an application available on tablet and smartphone to send photos and messages to loved ones resident in EHPAD. The innovative use of their solution relates to a system that aggregates all the elements from the tablets or smartphones of family members printed in gazette format and brought to the resident’s bedside room each week.

Xamance : the genius of paperwork – Xamance, headed by Thomas Henry, domiciled in Paris, is revolutionizing the management of mail and paper documents for seniors. Thanks to a very simple tool at the senior’s home, it becomes very easy to find a tax form or a medical prescription on a secure and personalized server. This is the bet of the Xamance company by responding to this need by developing the Xambox Anywhere offer in order to extend home support and to secure and simplify document management.

Eyebrain : anticipating cognitive disorders: Serge Kinkingnéhun, founder of Eyebrain, started with a simple idea, to detect neurodegenerative diseases earlier. He therefore developed, following his double degree, a doctorate in digital imaging specializing in medical imaging and a DEA in cognitive sciences at UPMC, a device, now patented, making it possible to follow eye movements and diagnose the degree of progression of the disease. Based in the Paris region, Eyebrain recently raised funds to market its solution in North American countries. Their device is now used by healthcare professionals.

Citizen Mobility : a public transport solution: Guillaume Mathieu had a fine nose in developing a shared taxi service for seniors, which he markets through Citizen Mobility. The taxi driver only stops in front of your house, he will pick you up and take your luggage if you decide to go on a trip and accompany you on the train. The service offer is less expensive than a classic taxi ride because Guillaume Mathieu has developed an algorithm to geolocate several requests of the same type at the same time in a territory such as a department.

\ ALEXANDRIA  Network  Current Clients  Silver Valley  Visuals  Benjamin Zimmer.jpgDoctor and graduate of Ecole Centrale Paris, Benjamin zimmer is the director of Silver Valley, a cluster that he co-founded, now bringing together more than 250 structures. In particular, he designed its service offering, its economic and organizational model as part of his doctoral thesis in industrial engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris. This cluster is dedicated to innovation and the development of new economic activities in the Silver Economy industrial sector in the Ile de France region.

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