7 misconceptions about Responsive Web Design

by bold-lichterman

While Responsive Design is called upon to become more democratic as the development of mobile devices, the digital agency SHIVA Communication returns to some pitfalls to avoid when designing a site.

As a reminder, Responsive Design is a technique aimed at rethink the way to design the online navigation route, which means that the content of a page adapts to the browser and the screen resolution of the device.

Here are 7 misconceptions about Responsive Design:

  • “A site that resizes on all screens is necessarily Responsive” = False.
  • “We can do any type of site in RWD” = False.
  • “A single computer is enough to test an RWD site” = False.
  • “RWD does not change work habits” = False.
  • “Maintenance requires less time and presents fewer constraints” = False.
  • “No more need for applications with the RWD” = Inaccurate.
  • “Responsive is easy” = False.