$ 7 million for the startup Forest Admin and its tailor-made administration interface

by bold-lichterman

Forest Admin, a Franco-American startup that publishes a universal administration interface, has raised $ 7 million in series A from the British fund Notion Capital and the venture capital firm Runa Capital. The company had already raised an initial 3 million euros at the end of 2017.

Launched in 2017 by Sandro Munda and Arnaud Besnier, Forest Admin is developing a SaaS back office platform that aims to facilitate the administration of web applications. The startup’s offer is dedicated to corporate developers.

We want to offer developers an easily configurable and modular administration interface to adapt to the operational needs of the company. Where developers spend around 20% of their time developing web application administration interfaces, we suggest that they reduce this time to 3% or 4% ”, commented Sandro Munda.

The company claims 2,000 corporate customers, including Decathlon, Natixis and ADA. ” Today, we want to become for the developer a real framework, a reference solution of his toolbox ”, added Sandro Munda.

Forest Admin: the key data

Founders: Sandro Munda and Arnaud Besnier
Creation: 2017
The head office: Paris
Sector: computer science
Market: publishes a universal administration interface for companies

Funding: $ 7 million in Series A from UK fund Capital concept and the company Runa Capital