7 apps that understand everyday needs

by bold-lichterman

People are increasingly at the center of new mobile uses. Discover a selection of applications adapted to new lifestyles:

The “Meditate with Small Bamboo” application blocks 10 to 20 minutes of the user’s day and provides access to a catalog of 21 hours of meditations. The trend is coming from the United States, mainly from the West Coast, with similar offers in English such as “Headspace” and “Buddhify”. Learn more

See what you have in front of you, when you are blind. The Danish application “Be My Eyes” offers to put sighted people in touch with blind people who use their mobile camera for daily guidance. Learn more

  • Follow your favorite personalities

There is no longer any question of missing the passage of your business leader or your favorite people on a TV or radio show. This is what the onAir app offers with the help of real-time alerts. Learn more

  • Find the right garment without having to try it on

SMXL. It may sound complicated to pronounce but these are actually all sizes that most consumers do. The application wants to avoid going into the fitting room. By entering all its measurements as well as the brands of the products, it must pass like a glove. Learn more

The Bond app sends an alert when a favorite contact has not been contacted for a long time. Call, SMS or Facebook message, a light blow behind the head so as not to let the links stretch. Learn more

The Offtime application only makes you available outside of your necessary break periods. The user then determines the “off” times and nothing serious can happen. Learn more

The Urway app connects people who have exceeded a reasonable threshold of alcohol consumption with sober people who can drive their vehicle. Useful carpooling. Learn more

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos