69% of advertisers plan to spend more on mobile advertising in 2015

by bold-lichterman

Advertisers increasingly want to prioritize mobile applications in their web marketing spending. In 2014, 37% favored the development of a website and 24% prioritized that of mobile applications. This year, the two balanced out. Just as many advertisers prioritize site development over application development (27%).

Currently, 78% of these companies have at least one mobile application, 85% a mobile site and 96% a classic site. These figures come from a Harris Interactive study on the challenges of mobile marketing commissioned by Azetone, which markets an integrated A / B testing and application personalization service.

Despite this interest, 38% of advertisers fear “high development costs” and 41% fear “high maintenance costs”. 68% of them think of implementing A / B testing of their applications in 2015 and 92% by 2017. This technique consists of measuring the impact of a change in version of a variable on the achievement of an objective within the framework of the realization of a web page, an email, a form.

Wearables still little considered

69% of advertisers anticipate an increase in their investments in terms of promotions and mobile advertising, and 81% are preparing to increase their development and maintenance spending. The Start-up’s priority objectives for these investments in mobile marketing are to increase ROI (for 57% of advertisers surveyed) and to improve the personalization of the experience (to 55%). Conversely, “positioning ourselves on wearable” is only a priority for 2% of advertisers.

On the side of agencies and management, priority is also given to mobile applications and website development. However, these expense items see declining interest in them, in favor of online advertising (search and display) and social networks, up 31% and 14% respectively.

* Study carried out by Harris Interactive for Azetone in collaboration with HP. Questionnaire administered online in April and May 2015 to 200 marketing professionals (110 managers at advertisers, 60 representatives of agencies and sales offices, around 30 independent experts).

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos