65% of smart speaker users can’t do without them

by bold-lichterman

1 in 6 Americans, or 39 million people, have a voice-activated smart speaker, according to the study “The Smart Audio ReportConducted by NPR and Edison Research. Of the 2,000 people questioned, 65% said they were not ready to return to the period when these devices did not exist.

The speakers have thus entered the daily life of Americans. They are most often positioned in the living room, kitchen or master bedroom. The majority of users use these devices for daily requests: finding restaurants and / or businesses, playing games, setting the timer on certain devices, sending messages or listening to music. 66% of respondents ask questions, check the weather or ask to play music.

The study also reveals that respondents nibble a little of their time spent on radio (39%), television (30%), tablets (27%), computers (26%) or even magazine reading (23%), in favor of smart speakers.

65 of smart speaker users cant do without them

Speakers are also tools for shopping online. Thus, 30% of users search for a product through the device and 22% of them order directly from it. The majority of products purchased through the speakers concern household products (58%), followed by electronic devices (51%) and beauty and health products (48%).

Finally, the study focuses on the brands most present in households. Amazon Alexa (11%) is far ahead of Google Home (4%).