6 revolutions that shape the society of tomorrow

by bold-lichterman

What are the major trends in the digital economy in the next five years? Six experts gave their vision of the society of tomorrow and of the major upheavals to come at the USI conference (Unexpected Sources of Inspiration) which took place this summer in Paris.

Artificial intelligence will have the same impact that the Internet has had on our societies. »Ludovic Cinquin, General Manager Octo Technology

– The big question that companies will ask themselves more and more will be how to learn faster. ”

John Hagel, director & co-chairman of Center for The Edge.

– The challenge that we are already seeing today is to recruit the best and most passionate talents. In the society of tomorrow, we will no longer pursue just one career. ”

Mark Randall, vice-president of Creativity at Adobe.

– We are going to move from a society based on scarcity, to abundance, in all areas… ”

Salim Ismael, founder of the Singularity University.

– In the society of tomorrow, the individual will have all the tools to gain power and be happier. ”

Hilary Mason, founder and CEO at FastForwardLabs.com.

– We will become augmented beings all the time, superhumans.

Jared Spool, Founder of UX Advantage Conference.