50 European startups supporting the quantum computer revolution

by bold-lichterman

Quantum theory has fundamentally changed our understanding of how light and matter behave on a microscopic scale. This has led to a radically different approach to computing from telecommunications by allowing science to deliver revolutionary technologies such as lasers and transistors – the basis of today’s computers and mobile phones – as well as a long list of devices ranging from CDs to LED and GPS lights.

Now the second quantum revolution is underway – based on our growing ability to manipulate and detect quantum effects in systems that we have created from scratch. This opens up vast technological perspectives with applications as concrete as they are revolutionary. This second quantum revolution is about to disrupt many areas, starting with secure communication networks, biomedical imaging, drug discovery or the optimization of road and air traffic.

So we decided to map, with Wilco (Anthony Ambrosio), the European ecosystem around quantum computing.

Ecosystem mapping

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We have identified six main areas of use: measurement and detection, electronics, sources, infrastructure & communications, IT as well as simulation & software.

Quantum infrastructure and communication will allow users to send secure data over long distances without the risk of hacking or interception. A good example would be that of quantum key distribution networks (QKD: Quantum Key Distribution) allowing to cross a new level in terms of security. Unlike communications passing through telephone cables or networks, which can be the object of interceptions without the sender or recipient noticing, a QKD network alerts the two users of any tampering with the system as soon as it is this happens. This is explained by the fact that any attempt at falsification would immediately alter the relayed information, with an immediately recognizable disturbance.50 European startups supporting the quantum computer revolutionContributors:

Alexis du Peloux de Saint-Romain, XAnge Investor

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Anthony Ambrosio, Wilco Industry Manager