5 tips for understanding artificial intelligence

by bold-lichterman

With the acceleration of digital transformation within companies, artificial intelligence is taking an increasingly prominent place in the daily life of employees. However, are the fears of the latter around artificial intelligence legitimate? Will robots replace them? To answer these questions, Luminary Labs made a presentation in which the consulting company puts the impact of artificial intelligence into perspective.

Luminary Labs explains that human jobs will not disappear but evolve. The positions will henceforth be more specialized. In the short term, artificial intelligence saves money by automating complex processes (predictive analysis with Thermostat or Netflix for example) while in the long term, it will disrupt industries (automotive with autonomous cars in particular, retail with better inventory management…).

To reassure companies, Luminary Labs offers five tips regarding artificial intelligence:

  • don’t be afraid of robots
  • start with the problem, not the solution
  • focus on empathy
  • engage skeptics
  • remember it is not magic

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